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DirecTV iPad App Gets Overhaul



DirecTV just refreshed their iPad app with some new features, including new sections for TV Shows, Networks and a new menu that will make it easier to find shows to watch on a TV or on the iPad. Each show’s info page now looks different, giving users better information.

The user interface of the free DirecTV iPad app comes with a new darker theme that replaces the previous DirecTV blue, which the company began to move away from recently as they redesigned their website and set-top boxes.

directv redesigned ipad app

DirecTV redesigned their iPad app

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Along the side of the app we see the menu of various pages. They’ve added a new section called TV Shows, where the app shows a grid or list of shows playing. Tap the buttons on the upper right to see all shows: those that users can stream to their iPad, and those available on the TV.

The user can still turn the app into a large remote, controlling receivers connected to the same network as the iPad, so long as their set-top box supports the feature.

directv new ipad app networks page

DirecTV’s new iPad app includes a new Networks page

A new Networks page, accessible from the menu along the left, shows networks the user subscribes to on their box. Tap a network icon to view shows that they can watch either on the iPad or TV, as they can with the TV Shows section.

When a user taps on a show in the newly designed guide, there is a “More info” button. Tap it to see a new info pop-up with more details and easier to use controls.

DirecTV's new iPad app shows more info about shows

DirecTV’s new iPad app shows more info about shows

Users can still stream shows, connect to Facebook and Twitter to share what their watching and set programs to record as they could before.

We like the new interface, but still wish that the iPad streaming component offered more content. This comes from the never-ending battle between content providers’¬†desires to control where and when we can watch their shows and the users who want the freedom to watch anything they please, anytime they want, without restrictions. The DirecTV app helps service subscribers get at the content a little easier, but we hope to see more, since on demand streaming seems to be where this whole thing will end up one day.

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