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DirecTV iPad App Updated, Now Features Live Streaming TV



DirecTV has updated its iPad application today and included in the update is a feature that many who use the service have been anticipating since it debuted for the iPad earlier this year. That feature of course is live streaming television.

That’s right. Those of you with the DirecTV app can now stream 38 channels live, from your iPad, as long as you’re at home.

Yes, unfortunately you have to be on the same network as your DirecTV Plus HD DVR. So, it’s useful in the bedroom, the living room, and dare we say it, the bathroom, but it won’t work if you try and stream live television at your friends house. If you want to do that, you’ll need the Nomad box which costs $150.

DirecTV iPad App

There are tons of channels to choose from like the NFL Network, CNN, SyFy and more, but sadly, ESPN didn’t make the cut.

DirecTV for iPad

So, if you’re a DirecTV subscriber and you own an iPad, you can find the new software right here. And just to make things a little easier for you, here is a full list of the channels that can be watched live.

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  1. Louis Brusco

    10/26/2011 at 10:56 pm

    These media companies don’t get it.  Why do they continue to tease?  Yes – you can watch it – but only from your home network.  Get the Nomad?  You have to download it the program while on the home network – it is only good for 30 days – and no live streaming.

    You pay $150-200 per month for programming at home yet you are home a minority of the time – and then the make you jump through hoops to transfer things to mobile devices or watch TV outside the home. At work in your office and want to catch the baseball game?  Sorry, you are SOL if you are in the blackout area, even if you pay for the game BOTH at home AND with MLB.COM.

    Is it any wonder that it is just easier to cut the cable and download shows you want to watch on the torrents?  I am already paying for it but they don’t let me watch when and where I want – so to hell with them – I’ll get it for free.

    DirecTV – give us LIVE streaming of ALL channels from OUTSIDE the house to any mobile device.  Otherwise, stop these lame excuses for mobile access.

  2. Anonymous

    11/16/2011 at 2:53 pm

    I have to agree with Louis, there isn’t much of a point to streaming to an iPad when you are in your own house, and the Nomad, that was a total let down. Working at DISH I was reading about the Nomad for months before it came out, and how it was going to compete with the sling adapter, and I was looking forward to seeing it. But when it was released, it was a total let down.  I watched streaming burn through the pay TV industry like wild fire, and every company with the exception of DISH went with that same concept, you get some or most of your channels streaming to your iPad, but only in your house. Why would you want to watch that small screen in your house when you have large television in the house for that reason? That might work for some people, but I will stick with my sling adapter, it streams all my live subscribed channels, and my recorded shows to my iPhone no matter where I am, which is what streaming is supposed to be about, the freedom to access all those channels that we pay $150-200 a month for when we want.

  3. Pattengl

    01/25/2012 at 5:03 pm

    I for one am extremely happy with the new updated app. I was trying to figure out a way to watch movies and TV from my outdoor hot tub. I installed an iPad holder to the ceiling of my hot tub structure and added an amp and speakers. Perfect! I can now watch TV from my hot tub and easily remove the iPad when finished and bring it in the house. No worries about the weather and the screen size is perfect. I can pick up the wireless home network without issue. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t like to be able to use my iPad to watch TV away from home, but this suits my home needs perfectly. 

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