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Dirt Cheap Lumia 925 Makes Finding a Contract Free iPhone Competitor Easier



The search for a direct competitor to Apple’s iPhone 5s that doesn’t involving signing a two-year contract was made easier by Newegg this morning. As of right now the online retail outlet has marked down the price of Nokia’s Lumia 925 smartphone to just $275.

As of now, the deal is still available at Newegg and the company is throwing in free shipping for the high-end Windows Phone too. Announced in May of last year, the Lumia 925 was the first Nokia Windows Phone to use metal in its casing, a look that helped it top the looks of other Lumia Windows Phones who are traditionally made of brightly colored polycarbonate plastic.

Just because the Lumia 925 is almost nine months old doesn’t mean users are buying a decent device. The Lumia 925 includes a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor and a 4.5-inch high-definition AMOLED display. It’s also equipped with a rear-facing 8.7 megapixel camera that won’t surpass Nokia’s camera-centric Lumia 1020 but will deliver crisp and clear photos in all sorts of lighting situations.

Cheap Lumia 925 on Newegg

Really, there are only three things that prevent the Lumia 925 from being the best deal on a mid-range to high-end Windows Phone that users can find. For starters, the Lumia 925 Newegg is selling is only compatible with T-Mobile’s wireless networks. Presumably, AT&T users could purchase the device and an unlock code, however the two carrier’s networks aren’t identical so there could be some issues.

Another major issue is the Lumia 925’s storage. T-Mobile’s version of the device only features 16GB of on-board storage and there’s no way to add more.

Still, the smartphone is fairly more advanced the other Nokia Lumia’s available in the United States without a two-year contract. For example, the Lumia 520 and Lumia 521 are equipped with less RAM. As such, they can’t play any high-end games like the Lumia 925 can.

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Users who want the Lumia 925 should act quickly. It’s not year clear how long Newegg plans to keep the sale going. Also, Newegg is only limiting users to 3 devices per account. As such, supplies of the cheap Lumia 925 could go quickly.

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