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Distance Lends Enchantment? Covering CES 2011 From Afar



CES 2011 is winding down in Las Vega and the annual Great Chicago Pilgrimage is also coming to a close as my wife and I prepare to drive back to Virginia Saturday. As I mentioned, what coverage I was able to provide for CES 2011 was done from afar. My schedule with family and the ongoing duties I have to do for the theatre where I work just didn’t afford me the luxury to head to Vegas to cover the show. Some vacation, huh? The same thing happened last year.

Some might say distance lends enchantment and I guess that’s partially true. I have really enjoyed the years I have been able to cover the show live. It really is a circus and that’s both good and bad. I’ve seen some interesting commentary about how CES is a waste of time and also about how it is essential. But I have to say, it is somewhat easier to cut through the clutter when you’re able to view the goings on from a distance. But that’s only because we have such an excellent team on the ground from GBM, who have been doing all the running around.

This year, my wife and I owed each other some serious down time. It’s been a rough year at work. My mother’s illness and death took a toll on our entire family. So for a Christmas Present to each other we decided we’d take a couple of days out of our family events and check into a hotel. It wasn’t all relaxation, (she had some work to get done as well)  but the environment sure helped. I did do quite a bit of CES 2011 coverage from this pool suite of ours, along with some continuing work on the play I’m writing (which opens in just over 3 weeks!) We stayed connected thanks to a Sprint MiFi card. And we did manage to chill a bit.

So, what’s better? Covering CES 2011 on the ground in Vegas or from some secluded pool suite in a hotel? This year, I’m taking the latter. Although I see from a late night tweet that Xavier is challenging Danica Patrick to a laptop drag race at the Lenovo CES Event.



  1. Xavier Lanier

    01/08/2011 at 7:55 am

    We miss you Warner. Too many people have asked where you are to count. I’ve enjoyed running around the show floor with everyone, but it is hard to find time to actually get things done.
    Sounds like you’re having a much more relaxing time than we are and I bet your feet aren’t throbbing like mine are.

  2. savagemike

    01/09/2011 at 4:12 pm

    Lots of interesting stuff.
    I am surprised that openpeak did not get more play for its 10″ model on mock up.
    I know there was a lot of cool stuff that was beyond mock up stage…
    But openpeak is the only manufacturer I have seen talking about multiple logins for family members with robust control for an ‘admin’ type over those accounts.
    It springs from driving for enterprise capability it seems – but can be used locally for families.
    It is one place where all the other current tablets fall down badly.
    These are great couch surfing devices.
    It is extremely use averse for these companies not to realize that a lot of them will be shared by a family group rather than shilling out for separate units for everyone in the family.

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