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DIY Q1 Ultra 2GB RAM Upgrade



Q1_Ultra_RAM_2GB_Hugo_Ortega_0001I know that upgrading the Q1 Ultra with a 2gig stick of RAM really caught a lot of attention last week. Because many of you want to do this yourself but don’t know how as promised I thought I would post a quick “how to” video. While it is brief it is still descriptive enough and might just be enough information to get some of you across the line. I am a strong believer in getting your hands dirty and when it comes to upgrading RAM this holds true too. Why let someone you don’t know operate on your equipment! A simple task as RAM upgrades are fun and easy to do, especially when the results are so rewarding. If you choose to follow the instructions in this video then you can probably expect some of the following:

  • Faster boot time
  • Faster shut down time
  • Fast Application launch time
  • Faster data transfer times
  • Better multitasking abilities
  • A pat on the back from your spouse, children or colleague! (You rock!)
  • Now where’s that screwdriver? 


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