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Do We Really Need Scented Notebooks?



Asus has more brands and labels to keep up with than vowels it seems these days. Now it seems we can start using our noses to keep up. The Asus F6 Notebook not only comes with your choice of pretty colors and designs, but with they include matching scents. You read that right.


You can pick up an F6 in the following designs and scents (are flavors next?):

  • Floral Blossom
    In glorious pink, this design evokes the imagery of a summer party, leaving the somber feel of conventional laptop designs far behind with its cheerful, floral motif and a floral scent – the most attractive laptop for ladies!
  • Musky Black
    Boasting a glossy black surface emblazoned with a colorful motif inspired by extreme sports and graffiti art, this model emanates power, daring, and energy with its playfulness and musky scent.
  • Morning Dew
    Realized in a pastel green hue, this graphic motif is inspired by the love and respect for nature. Return to the embrace of Mother Nature for a crisp and refreshing awakening of the senses whenever you work on your notebook.
  • Aqua Ocean
    The freedom afforded by a boundless expanse of sky and the energy of breaking waves are captured perfectly on the cover of this notebook. The matching invigorating aquatic scent will keep your days energized!

I wonder if we’ll see these sold at a perfume counter somewhere?

Via CrunchGear

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