Does a $200 Chrome Netbook Interest You?

Just curious. If the reports/rumors are true that Asus may be launching a Google Chrome Netbook somewhere between $200 and $250 does that interest you? The fad that was Netbooks has certainly died down quite a bit as the industry tries to deal with its love affair with Tablets (or is that an affliction?). Oh, there are still Netbooks out there, but that’s not where the focus is at the moment. Quite honestly, I don’t see that ever being the focus again.

But, then let me spin this another way. The tech/publishing/media/music/social world thinks that advertising will save them all. In part that’s fueling the Tablet frenzy we are currently in as much as it has led to the disruption we’ve been living through for the last several years. If Asus and other makers can come out with a low cost alternative fueled by the advertising behemoth Google, price point will certainly play a factor in some consumers’ minds. There’s that age old debate that many price sensitive consumers don’t care about advertising subsidizing content, and I’m guessing those that are in that camp won’t blink twice on a notebook powered by an OS that is essentially a platform for ads. The question in my mind becomes not will Asus and others be able to create the hardware at low price points (I’m guessing subsidies from advertising from Google will help here, note I said guessing), but will consumers really care enough to consider these machines in the volume that it will take to make such a strategy work. Remember Google wins regardless. Asus and the other potential makers are the ones with their necks on the line.