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Does AMD Get Netbooks?



Interesting video featuring Pat Morehead, VP of Advanced Marketing at AMD in which he talks about Netbooks and AMD’s wait and see approach to that crazy market. What do you think folks, is AMD playing it smart or just defending their wait and see posture?


Via jkkmobile

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Johnny Mac

    10/21/2008 at 1:58 pm

    This guy is full of crap. He just doesn’t get the whole netbook experience. People aren’t buying them to replace their desktop PC the way they buy regular notebooks. They are buying them for the small size and weight. Folks like me are tired of lugging their 6-8 lb laptop and gear just to check their email, edit a word doc or go online. And they don’t want to spend $1.5k-$3k on an ultra portable laptop that doesn’t do what their full sized laptop does anyway. $500 and $600 is still a bargain in comparison.

    As for battery life he is full of crap too. The 6-cell netbooks get between 5 & 7.5 hours of runtime. Most of the netbook manufacturers sell models with that kind of life. He intentionally uses the worst case example to back up his failures as an industry leading executive. If I owned AMD stock I would sell it now because they have no vision and will always be a second rate company. Even if UMPC’s were a failure, and they were, the processors like the Intel Atom have uses beyond the UMPC’s they were designed for. A good example is the netbook. Another is the newer PDA phones that demand more and more processing power as well as increasing efficiency as they become more like computers than phones. I suppose he thinks they are just a fad too.

    I heard he is thinking of buying an automobile in the next couple of years because he is just starting to feel there is enough highway infrastructure to support wide scale use of them. He’s seen the wheel in use over the past thousands of years and now thinks if he buys a car he may be able to sell it later as people may not want to go back to their horse and buggies. Keep making buggy whips you AMD jerk! I’m sure the stock holders are quite happy to see you guiding AMD into newer markets for them to fail in. If I were you I’d start peddling my resume.

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