Does an iPad HD Mean iTunes HD+ Movies (Finally)?

Last summer the Apple rumor mill was mostly concerned with the hoped-for iPhone 5, but there was also some buzz about 1080p movies finally coming to iTunes. Unnamed sources pegged iTunes HD+ content for “later this year” and some speculated it would come with the release of iOS 5 or a new Apple TV without the 720p limitation. None of this happened, though.

However, if the iPad 3 / iPad HD gets a sweet high resolution “retina display” it would mark a really good time for Apple to also announce HD+ 1080p iTunes video. After all, with a 2048 x 1536 pixel screen users will be able to play full HD content without compromise.

If HD+ content comes to iTunes it may also signal that the next Apple TV will support 1080p streaming as well. Combine all this with AirPlay and HD lovers will have plenty to play with for years to come.

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Last summer’s rumors claimed that studios had already submitted several movies in the HD+ format that would release in October. Obviously the release of the movies didn’t coincide with the release of the feature, but it shows that iTunes will likely have plenty of recent content for this endeavor.

Since there’s no word that Blu-ray is coming to MacBooks anytime soon, this may be the only way Apple fans can get scratch the full HD itch, officially.



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