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Does Mary Jo Foley ever get it right? Not with Tablet PC’s!


on Jo Foley has made no bones about the fact that she is not fond of Tablet PC’s and related devices.  Okay — fine, I get that.  But how in the world can she continue to miss the point here so far?  In an article today outlining any negative thought she can come up with, she once again attacks the Tablet PC, (and lines it up with Microsoft Bob for gosh sakes) as one of Bill Gates biggest flops in his career!  I don’t really even want to give you the link except it will help raise awareness of how utterly goofy this lady can be on this subject.

MJ, get over your ridiculous bias as a laptop user.  Remember this is the same writer who declared that Microsoft would phase out Tablet in the Vista timeframe (how wrong is that?). A Tablet PC is NOT a laptop, although it can be if it is the right model (a convertible model).  Guess what, it’s not a Media Center either, although it can be (once again if configured).  Nor is it a desktop, but it can be (with a dock)!  Are we starting to see a pattern here?  It’s called flexibility and is one of the greatest strengths of a Tablet PC.

Let’s take that one step further.  Can your laptop allow you to take handwritten, searchable, editable notes.  I think not.  Can you sit your laptop in your lap comfortably with the screen swiveled and laid flat to conserve room and creat a more comfortable solution?  Nope — can’t do it.

I can’t go on — I’m getting nauseated.  Either look at the device on it’s merits as well as it’s shortcomings or quit writing.  I’m tired of hearing you whine.  I think you need new material.  Bill Gates has accomplished a ton, not to mention becoming the wealthiest man on earth in the process.  Why on the eve of his “retirement”, would you feel the need to outline what YOU perceive as negatives.


(via Bill Gates’ Legacy: Microsoft’s Top 10 Flops)

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