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Does your Lenovo computer have a "shady" secret?



I know a guy who does training with NCIS, and according to him, one of the top training areas for U.S. intelligence organizations is China area studies. They expect that to be our next frontier for intelligence needs. Guess the Chinese are seen as a pretty big threat to us right now. According to the BBC, the U.S. intelligence agencies don’t trust Lenovo (China based) very much either:

“The US State Department says the 16,000 computers it bought from a Chinese firm with links to the Beijing government will not be used for classified work. Assistant Secretary of State Richard Griffin said the department would also alter its procurement process to ensure US information security was guaranteed. His comments came after Rep Frank Wolf expressed national security concerns. The company Lenovo insisted such concerns were unwarranted and said the computers posed no security risk. Last year, Lenovo – the world’s number three PC maker – bought the IBM PC Division and moved its executive headquarters from China to the US. A Chinese government agency owns 28 percent of Lenovo, while IBM still has about a 13 percent stake in the company”.

Overreaction? Not sure. They are gonna miss out on some nice equipment though! Are the Chinese embedding little spy chips in your computer? I don’t think so, but I am not responsible for any classified material!

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