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Doing Some Thinking About Evernote



I can’t say enough good things about how well Evernote has implemented the seamless sync between multiple client platforms and the web. It’s worry free – and that is a very important thing.

Here are some random thoughts on the Evernote beta.

  • I dug out my Samsung Q1P UMPC after not using it for 3 – 4  months. This was spurred on by finding the keyboard organizer in my car ( don’t ask….) I installed the Evernote beta, and within minutes, all of my notes were automatically downloaded to the Q1P, including notes I had created on my MacBook. Any notes I create while playing my Q1P this weekend will automatically appear on my Tablet and Mac. The fact that I don’t have to worry about doing anything to make that happen is HUGE!
  • I took a picture of my daughter using my iPhone, and emailed it to my Evernote account using a special email address associated with my Evernote account. Within 10 seconds, the picture was downloaded as a note to my Q1P – automatically. It’ll be on my MacBook and Tablet PC whenever I turn them. It is available to me on the web, too.
  • Evernote needs to put some serious work into developing an auto import from OneNote to Evernote for those wanting to make the conversion.
  • I’m wondering why the Evernote web interface  doesn’t default to https? When forced to https, it’ll stay there temporarily, but then switch back to http. I want my note information transmitted securely.
  • I really, really wish Evernote would allow mix of ink and text. I’ve asked them about it multiple times. Sadly, it is not a priority.
  • How much will Evernote, with all its syncing glory, cost? Are we looking at monthly subscription fees for the syncing or will it be free with the purchase of the client. Pricing is one data piece not being provided yet. I’d like to know what their pricing model is going to be like.
  • Evernote has done for notetaking and sync what Amazon did for connectivity and content access with the Kindle.
  • The web interface is not friendly at all at 800 x 480 . Update: Thanks to a reader, when using my UMPC, I’ll start using the mobile version ( )
  • The iPhone mobile interface is totally awesome!
  • We need to hear from the OneNote team about their plans for seamless data integration between clients and the web. We have Office 2008 for Mac. What about OneNote for Mac? What about web access to the all those notes? What about mobile ( iPhone and Windows Mobile ) to those notes?
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