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Doing The Mobile Thing On The Cheap



For the foreseeable future, mobile folks will be looking to cut expenses the best way possible. However, that doesn’t mean giving up ““going mobile”. In fact, going mobile in economic challenging times might just be a great way to save money and land that next opportunity.

Here are some ideas on doing the mobile thing on the cheap:

  1. Check out ebay for great deals on used tablets or ultra-portables. Last time I checked, a good TC1100 or TabletKiosk Tablet PC could be had for $400 – $500
  2. Checkout OEMs refurb specials. Great deals can be had on refurb units.
  3. Delay buying that new laptop /tablet pc. Instead, upgrade the memory and harddrive in your existing laptop / tablet pc to give it that extra boost
  4. If you don’t have a mobile computer, consider some of the $400 – $500 netbooks from Dell, HP, Toshiba, Asus
  5. Don’t purchase Microsoft Office. Instead download comparable solutions from
  6. Utilize some of the free online document creation offerings from Google and Zoho
  7. Ditch your hosted exchange account, and switch to Gmail or Windows Live Hotmail
  8. Hang out at some of the free WiFi hotspots like the library, independent coffee shops, bookstores, and more. While there, just get a ““coffee of the day” instead of the mocha. You’ll save yourself $2 – $3 a cup
  9. Terminate the contract on your dedicated WWAN modem, instead utilizing your cell phone as a modem. Depending on the carrier, tethering options are sometimes cheaper than dedicated data card plans. The early termination fee is sometimes cheaper than the $60 a month you are currently paying. It won’t take long to break even. In addition, consider a family share plan on your cell phone. Now might be a good time to kill that landline and go completely cellular.
  10. Use a Tablet PC — save paper and it can double as a fax machine when you use services like While we are talking about the Tablet PC and saving paper, use the included Windows Journal to take your notes — it is a fantastic program!! When funds start to come back in, check out Evernote and OneNote.
  11. Utilize the free services of SugarSync,, DropBox, Live Mesh, etc to store files and share them with co-workers or prospective employers
  12. Get a free blog at WordPress and post to it frequently using your mobile phone. Who knows, you might launch the next go-to blog during a downturn in the economy
  13. Use Skype to talk to your long-distance family, friends, and co-workers
  14. Use video messaging services like Skype, iChat or MSN Messenger to video chat together
  15. Come up with innovative mobile technology solutions that truly help folks save money and cut expenses. Those will be the folks that succeed during a downturn — innovators.
  16. Read free eBooks on your netbook or tablet pc from the Gutenberg Project

What tips / ideas can you think of to ““do the mobile thing on the cheap”?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Hosted Exchange

    12/18/2008 at 4:36 am

    Great little 16 step guide there on doing Mobile thing On the cheap. I especially like #5 and #6. On #12 make sure you monetize your wordpress or blogger blog with adsense or affiliates, like Amazon or CJ.

    Merry Xmas from Matt.

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