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Dolphin Sonar for Android Lets You Search & Browse With Your Voice



Today the Dolphin Browser for Android got a slick update that adds Dolphin Sonar, a Siri like feature that allows you to search and browse with your voice.

Dolphin Sonar for Android is integrated into the Dolphin browser and offers simple voice controls for searches and common browser tasks.

To activate Dolphin Sonar, you can shake your phone or tap on the microphone in the lower right corner, as shown in the screen shot below.

Dolphin Sonar Screenshots

Dolphin Sonar lets you control your browser and search with your voice.

You can use Dolphin Sonar in many ways. When it comes to search, the following activities are a few of the possibilities,

  • Search eBay for shoes
  • Search Facebook for Josh Smith
  • Search Google for iPad 3

As for controlling your Dolphin HD browser, you can use the following commands instead of tapping.

  • Open a new tab
  • go to bottom (of a page)
  • go to top (of a page)

In a future update you’ll even be able to say, “Share this link on Facebook,” and Dolphin Browser will post the page to your Facebook profile.

It’s nice to see browsers integrating voice control for tasks that make sense. While you can enter the search terms on most Google Phones by voice, the shake to start and microphone icon cuts out the need to go to open your keyboard and tap on the microphone.

As for browser control, I’m excited to try the move to the top command, which solves one of my major complaints about browsing on Android.

Dolphin Browser released the following video which highlights what happens when you use Dolphin Sonar too much.

Dolphin for Android v7.4 is available free in the Android Market.

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1 Comment

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