Don’t Engrave the New iPad 3rd Gen, Unless You’re Keeping it Forever

The new iPad is available to pre-order for delivery on March 16th, but if you are tempted to take Apple up on the free engraving offer, I suggest you skip it. That is unless you plan to keep your iPad 3 forever.

Apple has offered free engraving on the iPad for several years, but it is one of the worst free offers you’ll find.

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While you can now return your engraved iPad within 30 days, there are many reasons to skip the free engraving offer.

iPad Engraving

Lower Resale – If you plan to sell your new iPad when the newer new iPad comes out, don’t engrave it. According to engraving your iPad can cut 30% off the resale value of your iPad.

No Re-Engraving – If you need to send your iPad in and get it serviced, it may not come back with the engraving. Same goes for taking your broken iPad into the local Apple store for a replacement.

Cases – If you’re smart, the first thing you’re going to do is put a case on your new iPad. Not only does this help keep your iPad in good shape for when you sell it next year, it allows you to be more expressive.

I would never waste the time and devalue my iPad with engraving because I always sell my old iPad in order to buy the new iPad. This allows me to essentially rent the iPad for $12 to $20 a month, and keep up with the newest iPad.

Even if you plan to hand your iPad down to a family member it’s doubtful that he or she will want your name on the back of their iPad.

If I want to customize my iPad I’ll put a handy case on it or add a skin from Gelaskins to personalize it with a photo I’ve taken, or one of my favorite designs.