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Don’t Toss Those Original iPad Cases Away Just Yet



The SmartCover for the iPad 2 is certainly an attractive accessory and it looks like many folks are picking one up when they order or buy an iPad 2. I know I did. I actually ordered one of the poly versions and one of the leather versions. From the looks of things I’ll have my hands on those before my iPad 2 actually ships.

But I’ve noticed that while many early responses to the iPad 2 and the SmartCover are quite positive there are quite a few folks wondering about how to keep the back from gathering a scratch or two when they toss it in a bag or leave it lying around.

My buddy Steve is getting ready to head out of town with his new iPad 2 and he was wondering the same thing. I remembered that I had an InCase slip case lying around and brought it in for him to see if it would work. (If you’re like me you have all sorts of these things lying around. ) We knew the new iPad 2 by itself would fit, but interestingly enough the new device with the SmartCover attached also fits. So, he’s got some protection on top of the protection for when he makes his trip.

I’m guessing there are other slip cases like this that would do the same.

Watch for more GBM Team coverage of the iPad 2.

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