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Don’t Touch The Spikes Is the Latest Flappy Bird Clone, With a Twist



While the Flappy Bird game craze is finally starting to come to a close, the clones certainly haven’t slowed down. In fact, we keep seeing more and more Flappy Bird clones arrive each and every month. Most are just boring games with the same look and feel, aimed at frustrating users or getting you to click ads, but “Don’t Touch the Spikes” is one worth checking out.

Instead of controlling a flappy bird through tubes, trees, building through New York City, or any of the other clones, Don’t Touch the Spikes is completely square, and you’ll be bouncing off all the walls while trying to avoid the spikes. It’s actually a lot of fun.

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Flappy Birds was an intensely difficult game that had so many user frustrated they talked about it on all social networks, and it instantly became a classic and received internet fame. The game was eventually pulled by the developer for an array of reasons, and that’s when the clones really started appearing. If you’re sick of all those and want to try something different, read on for more details.


Don’t Touch the Spikes initially launched on iOS and has been available for some time, but those on Android now get to enjoy this rather interesting game. Just like Flappy Birds you’ll be tapping the screen to control your flapping bird, and his trajectory, but it’s more than just going through gaps like all those other knock-offs.

As the name suggests, there’s spikes on top and bottom and your bird will be trying to avoid the spikes on both the left and right side. The game gets progressively more difficult, as does your anticipation and excitement, and eventually you’ll make a mistake and flap right into some spikes.

Without trying to explain it too much, check out the gameplay video below.

One thing you’ll notice is the annoying ad on the bottom of the screen, which sadly there’s yet to be a paid version released that does away with the ads. That being said, your main focus is on the sides of the screen, not the bottom, so the ad shouldn’t get in the way of you gameplay experience.

There is the occasional popup once you die, but just don’t hit the spikes and you’ll never have to see these annoying ads. It’s worth mentioning that the game also has a few other tricks and fun things that makes it more than a Flappy Bird clone. As you go further and further into the levels you’ll be rewarded by collecting candy between the spikes. That being said, they’re placed strategically so make sure you really want them otherwise you may make a mistake and end up smashing into those spikes. Game over!

So far we’ve been enjoying this Flappyesque game on our Android smartphones and tablets, and it’s rather fun, cute, and extremely addictive.

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Our only gripe with Don’t Touch the Spikes is the overly intrusive amount of ads, and the bird looks too similar to Flappy Bird. Make it different to stand out, as the gameplay stands on its own, and maybe add some extra lives in place of the candy to really make this game competitive and extra-addicting.

Oh, and while we’re here don’t forget to enjoy the new Timberman game, which is a similar clone but done in a much better fashion.

If you’ve tried all the dozens and dozens of terrible Flappy Bird clones lately and want to enjoy something a little different, check out Don’t Touch the Spikes on the Google Play Store, also available on iOS.

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