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Dr. Who TARDIS Cookie Jar also Has Hidden Camera



What do you get if you combine video surveillance, Dr. Who, a way to help you eat healthier, and home automation with cookies? A product that brings together a number of themes that are currently circulating through our mobile lives. The Dr. Who TARDIS Cookie Jar isn’t just a cookie jar. It’s a cookie jar with a hidden camera. That hidden camera will certainly capture someone snatching one too many cookies, but it can also be used for more general purpose surveillance in your home and surroundings as well.  And wait, there’s more. The Dr. Who TARDIS Cookie Jar will light up and make authentic TARDIS like sounds when someone opens the lid and reaches for a cookie.

Dr. Who TARDIS Cookie Jar with Hidden Camera

Dr. Who TARDIS Cookie Jar with Hidden Camera

The camera takes advantage of motion detection and will run for approximately 30 hours on a charge. It can record up to 32GB of video, and even has a low-light mode (but no night vision). Your videos will be time and date stamped, so if you’re monitoring a loved one’s cookie intake you’ll have ample evidence when you confront them with their cookie crime. There is no word yet as to how this may or may not hook into the NSA’s surveillance methods.

To playback the surveillance video, you plug the camera into a computer and off you go. Perhaps the next model can be configured to work with Google’s Chromecast or another WiFi TV product for viewing on the big screen. Can you imagine what a Google Glass App for this could do? And I’d recommend that NEST take a look at this for one of its next product lines as well. Think of the possibilities.

The price of the Dr. Who TARDIS Cookie Jar with Hidden Camera isn’t cheap. It’ll set you back $400 to store your cookies, secretly video your surroundings, and have TARDIS like sounds fill your home when someone opens the lid.

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