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Drag and Drop.io to Share Files Quickly



Sharing files among computers and your friends continues to progress into an easier and faster process. Drag and  Drop.io is a new Firefox extension that allows you to literally drag and drop files into Firefox so that they are available to others.  According to the Drop.io web site, a drop is a chunk of space on the web that you can use to store any file privately.  There is no registration, account, or email address required to share files via the web.  Drops are not searchable and only exist online as private points for exchange between people or groups.

One cool feature of the Drag and Drop.io is that it allows you to simply drag and drop files that you find while browsing the web into Firefox while browsing.  This removes the need to download the file to your desktop, browse for it, and upload it to a certain destination.  Simply drag and drop the items you wish to share into your browser to share them.

With the drop.io service, you have the ability to create as many drops as you like.  You are also able to customize the name of the drop and set a password that restricts people from accessing your drop.  It is possible to create drops by phone, email, widget, web, or fax.  The Drag and Drop.io extension works with Firefox on Windows, Mac, or Linux systems.  Drop.io is a simple and easy way to share files.

Check out this excellent tutorial video that shows the Drag and Drop.io extension in action.

Via Lifehacker

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1 Comment

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