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Dragon 10 Medical….At Last!



Finally, I have installed Dragon Medical 10 after having had some installation issues. Commonly, I had just had to uninstall the previous version of Dragon Naturally Speaking and then install the new version. During this installation I ran into an error message. I think that the problem originated from not all of the files being deleted during the uninstall process. I ended up obtaining a new copy of the program and also downloading a remover tool that removes all the possible files that could be left over during an uninstallation process.

This was not a very common problem. I did some research on some other speech recognition sites and found just several people having similar issues with installation.

Once I used the remover tool and after using the new DVD the installation went seamlessly. This is a huge program! 2.5 GB necessary for installation. I wanted to treat the program as a beginner would and so I did not bring over my previous user files that were already at high accuracy.

I am finding that I am having only about 97% accuracy today when using it in real-time conditions on the first day. My expectation is that this will increase over the next week 1 or 2% decrease in accuracy can be highly upsetting for a long time user. Call me spoiled! I have grown so used to having high accuracy that any decrease feels aggravating.

I did send an e-mail to my resources at Dragon asking what can be done for tablet users. My feeling is that many tablet users will not have optimal systems for Dragon’s latest version of speech recognition. For those of us who use a tablet, we often times are not able to have a chip that is as large as Nuance would like us to have.

My desire is going to be to tweak Dragon Medical 10 for optimal performance on my current system. I want to reassure everyone that Dragon Medical 10 is working at least at the same speed level as version 9 Professional on my Motion 1600 tablet computer. But after seeing a demonstration video I can tell you that my current speed performance will not match a state-of-the-art computer’s performance in terms of laying down the words.

Stay tuned for frequent updates and more information about the improvements in the program!

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