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Dragon Giveaway Day 2 at Ars Technica



It is the second day of the big 31 Days of Dragon Giveway, where the prize is a HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook. I’m not sure I’d call this a notebook given the size of this whopper, but it sure is an amazing prize worth $5100. Ars Technica kicks off their part of the contest today.

It’s a big contest for a big machine. Check out Steve Huges from Boston Pocket PC looking at this at the local Panera in the picture. Picture courtesy of Mobility Site.


Ars Technica’s part of the contest runs through May 10 and their rules are posted on the site, but there are 29 sites and 29 days of kicking it off still to go in the contest. Here’s the list of sites participating. Don’t forget GBM will be running its part of the contest later on, but you don’t have to wait. Hit up the other sites and register.

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