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Dragon Medical 10 – Week 1 Summary



I have just completed my first total week of using Dragon Medical 10 along with my electronic medical record program TexTalk. I must admit in the beginning of the week I had some concerns about how well this program was going to work on my Motion 1600 tablet computer.

For those of you who read my initial posting about the program, you might remember that my computer was going to be less than optimal with a 1.5 GHz chip and 1.5 GB of RAM. These concerns have now been negated and I am beginning to have a great deal of satisfaction while using the program.

Over several days early usage I found my accuracy approximately 97%. I kept hoping that the program would increase its level of accuracy. On Thursday I finally decided to bite the bullet and run the acoustic optimizer. The acoustic optimizer did not complete its task and it turns out that I had a corrupted user file. A corrupted user file stays corrupted and cannot be cleaned up. I completed a new user and immediately went to 98% accuracy.

This is where I expected to be initially. The acoustic optimizer is a special process in the program that looks at the recognition of the words I have used and in the context I have used them. Based on this it modifies the program in such a way where recognition accuracy then increases.

I am finding that not having to train medical terminology is certainly an asset for me. Although I do not use thousands of words with medical terminology, it is certainly easier to have them immediately available in the vocabulary without adding them to the vocabulary editor.

I can tell you that this program is a memory hog! In a resting state the program is using over 300,000 K. according to the Windows task manager. My Outlook program is using 50,000 K. and my other programs are using significantly less than that. Ouch!

I’ll continue to keep everyone updated. I am going to speak with Nuance this week and get more information from them regarding this program.

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