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Dragon Remote Microphone for Android Now Available



The Dragon Remote Microphone for Android just went live in the Google Play Store. For users of Dragon Naturally Speaking, this app helps users connect with the powerful voice dictation software so the user doesn’t need to buy a headset. iOS users could use the iPhone version for a while, but Dragon finally released it on the Android side.

In my experience the app works great on the iPhone and iPad, so it should also do well on Android. We’ll be putting the Android app to the test soon and we’ll let you know if it fails to measure up to its iOS cousin.

The app costs nothing to download and try, so users of Dragon Naturally Speaking should go over to the Google Play Store and get Dragon Remote Microphone today and try it out.

dragon remote mic for android

The app installs on an Android phone and connects to the Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 over Wi-Fi. It doesn’t work with phones running Jelly Bean or versions of Android older than 2.2.

Here’s how it all works. The user speaks into the mic app. As the user speaks, the software on the computer will take the audio sent to the computer via the phone over Wi-Fi and turn it into text. Users can “type” via voice into any application that accepts text or use the built-in text editing features of the software on the PC. It also lets the user control the operating system.

With Dragon, Nuance says a user can …

  • capture ideas
  • create content
  • cruise through email
  • search the Web
  • control your PC.

The app description tells us, “Unleash your inner Dragon today with Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 and the Android Remote Microphone.” I don’t know if my inner dragon came out, but the app did help me get through a difficult month last year when I injured my thumb and could barely type.

The user connects the app with their desktop software, using the phone’s camera. Scan the barcode and it finds the software and connects the app. Then the user creates a profile by training the software to recognize the user’s voice via the app.

The app requires the PC version of Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 or the latest version of Dragon Dictate on Mac, so users of older versions have to get the new update.

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