Droid Bionic Owners Complaining About Mysterious High-Pitched Sound

We’ve already seen one fairly major issue pop up for Verizon’s Motorola Droid Bionic in the form of radio issues and now it appears that we have another. According to Engadget and the Motorola Owners Forum, Droid Bionic owners are dealing with a mysterious high-pitched sound when playing media through a pair of headphones. It seems the Forums are full of complaints about this so it’s safe to say that isn’t just one person having trouble.

Apparently, owners are being met with clicks and background noise – which is described as being whiny in pitch – and some owners have even recorded it in an attempt to get Motorola or Verizon to fix it.

Droid Bionic

Right now, Motorola is staying mum on the subject and it’s unknown whether it’s hardware or software causing this issue so if you’re experiencing the issue, don’t expect a fix around the corner.

Anyone out there seeing this issue? We didn’t experience anything like it with our review unit.