Dropbox Finally Available for Windows 8 and Windows RT
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Dropbox Finally Available for Windows 8 and Windows RT



If you’re a Windows 8 or Windows RT user and have been patiently waiting for Dropbox to release an App so that you can access and sync your files the wait is over. The Dropbox App is now available in the Windows Store. Dropbox was one of those Apps/Services that many users were anxiously hoping would be available when Windows made the big release last fall, but sadly that wasn’t the case. Although there were some other alternatives, including Microsoft’s Skydrive service, which is actually quite good.

The Dropbox App is integrated with Windows 8 so you can use the Charm menu to search or share files. You can preview files and view photos and video. You can open a document from the Dropbox App into Word or Excel for editing, but at least on Windows RT I haven’t found a way to save a file into Dropbox yet. There is no Dropbox folder created that I can view. I can also see no way in Office in the Add A Place interface (under Save As) to add Dropbox as a location. And of course if you’re working on the Desktop (using Word, Excel, etc…) there is no way to Share the document to Dropbox as you get the “There is no way to share from the desktop” message. In fact from the Desktop mode I can find no way to access Dropbox.


So, this isn’t a complete solution yet for Windows RT users. But if accessing your files to view them is what you’re after, you can do that.

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