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Dropbox Issues Release Candidate for Next Version with Selective Folder Syncing



If you’re a Dropbox user you might be interested in this. Dropbox has unveiled a Release Candidate for its next version which includes selective folder syncing. What’s that? Well, if you’ve got lots of info stashed in your Dropbox you know that the magic of Dropbox syncs that to every computer you’ve installed the software on. If you’re using a device with a smaller HD, perhaps you don’t want all of that data to come across the broadbands to be stored on that disc. With selective folder syncing, you can tell Dropbox which folders to sync to which device.

Your data is still on Dropbox’s servers in the cloud and there when you need it, so this sounds like a potential boon for users who hoard lots of data on Dropbox but don’t want it all on each and every device.

Note that you should read the release notes before installing this. It is a release candidate but that doesn’t mean you can’t expect some issues. That is especially true for Mac users.

Via Lifehacker

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