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Dropbox Updates with Automatic Screenshot Uploads



Dropbox’s automatic photo uploading feature is pretty great, but I’m sure you’ve been wondering when the service will get the same feature for screenshots. Well, it’s finally arrived in the latest Dropbox update. The company has added automatic screenshot uploading to the cloud storage service, making it easy to share and store screenshots in the cloud.

The new feature works by taking your screenshots and automatically moving them from the default save location to a “Screenshots” folder in your Dropbox. From here, you can share that screenshot instantly with anyone, because Dropbox will also automatically create a link to your screenshot and copy it to your clipboard.

The process is literally tons faster than how you’ve probably been doing it in the past. You’ve most likely had to upload a screenshot to Imgur or some other image hosting service before you could share, or you might have been dragging screenshots into the Public Dropbox folder and sharing it from there, but this time around, the process is completely automated.

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The only downside that we could see from this is that if you wanted to crop or edit the screenshot before you upload it. If you always do that before sharing a screenshot, this new uploading might get in the way of your workflow, but if you’re just straight sharing a raw screenshot, Dropbox’s new feature is top notch.

Furthermore, Mac users have one more new feature to be excited about. The update also includes an importer that copies your photos from iPhoto directly to your Dropbox. This is a good way to back up all your photos, as well as have them ready for sharing with anyone.

Both of these features are optional and Dropbox will prompt you on whether or not you want these features enabled before it starts messing around with your screenshots and iPhoto images. Even if you don’t use iPhoto, we’ve found that Dropbox is a great way to back up all of your photos, and you can even create galleries with folders right from the app, and share them with anyone who you give the link to.

You can download the latest update now on Dropbox’s website.

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