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Dropbox Updates iOS App With New Functionality



I love it when an App I use everyday adds new features. That happened with Dropbox, which overnight updated its iOS App to version 1.4. In case you don’t know Dropbox is the unofficial official iOS file transfer App for the iOS platform. It allows you to move files between multiple devices (not just iOS) so that you can work with those files wherever you are. On the iOS platform it is the easiest way to move docs back and forth Other iOS apps that take advantage of Dropbox’s API to let you store and retrieve files are big winners in my opinion. So much so, that if I see an App that needs to access files that doesn’t use the Dropbox API, I usually pass on it until the App’s developers come to their senses.

So, what are the updates? Well, for those who take a lot of pictures you can now upload multiple photos to your Dropbox folder at once. Well, actually you can put them in a queue to be uploaded sequentially, but that beats selected each photo one at a time.

The Dropbox app now interacts with the iOS “Open In” feature. That now allows you to send the document or file that you’re viewing straight to Dropbox. This works across any App that supports the “Open In” feature.

Dropbox has brought back the tabbed interface which makes it easier to navigate between your files, favorites(documents you choose to store locally on the device via Dropbox), uploads, and settings.

There’s also support now for Spanish, French, German, and Japanese.

Dropbox has recently hit 25 million users and continues to grow. The App is free as is the first 2GB of storage and you can pay for additional storage.

In my day-to-day, there are two vendors which I report to periodically that now use Dropbox for a repository for those reports once we are done filling out the form. It is becoming even more of an essential App.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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