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Dual-Resolution Touch Coming Soon?



dual-resolution touch Now this would be a fascinating technology to come to Tablet PCs: dual-resolution touch – check this out, from DigiTimes:

Researchers from the National Taiwan University have unveiled a rear-projection, interactive, dual-resolution tabletop system, the i-m-Top, which can turn the top of a desk into a 120×80cm touchscreen display.

According to researchers from the university’s Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia, the system makes use of infrared sensors to trace the motions of the user’s hands to provide interactive functions.

It runs with two rear projectors, one for blanket coverage of the entire tabletop, and the other for high-resolution detail.

Yi-Ping Hung, the director of the graduate institute at National Taiwan University pins the production costs at $3000, envisioning long-run production costs equaling that of PCs.


via Engadget

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