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DualCor connectivity thoughts



As I posted this past weekend, DualCor connectivity options ( bluetooth, wi-fi, and 3g) are all through Compact Flash and USB dongles. There is nothing built in to the device.

Like JK, this really disappoints me and probably makes the DualCor cPC a no-go for me personally. I have a no worries solution with my treo 700w and I don’t want to start remembering to bring my CF cards and USB dongles. Not to mention, Verizon does not support EV-DO compact flash cards.

What does this mean for usability? Unless you get a USB EV-DO solution and CF wi-fi card, how can you use the thing as a phone and be on the wi-fi at the same time? There will be a lot of missed calls while you are actually doing work during the day. Can you picure yourself using this thing with a USB dongle hanging out one end, CF card plugged and it attached to your ear? Talk about geeky and clunky. Plus, there will be a lot of Compact Flash card shuffling as there is only one CF card slot

Come on DualCor, don’t release a crippled device. For it to be more usable, at least give us a couple more Compact Flash slots and built-in Bluetooth support. To be honest, I expected the device to have all of the connectivity options built-in, so I am none the less disappointed to learn otherwise.

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