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Dude Perfect 2: 5 Things You Need to Know



Dude Perfect delivers a fun trick shot game for iPhone and Android that brings some of the crazy stunts these five friends pull off every week, right to your smartphone.

The Dude Perfect team is best known on YouTube for insanely complicated trick shots involving basketballs, footballs, tennis balls and almost any other kind of ball you can think of in crazy and outlandish settings.

Instead of just watching Dude Perfect 2 videos all day, you can use the new free Dude Perfect 2 app from Miniclip to recreate some of the fun on your smartphone.

What you need to know about the Dude Perfect 2 game for iPhone and Android.

What you need to know about the Dude Perfect 2 game for iPhone and Android.

After working our way through 20 levels and testing out the new Dude Perfect game, here’s what you need to know about trick shots from your iPhone or Android.

Dude Perfect 2 Game

Is Dude Perfect fake? According to Good Morning America, the tricks are legit. This includes the crazy Dude Perfect airplane shot that is a part of the game. When you need help, call in air support to drop dozens of basketballs to the field of play and ensure a win.

The Dude perfect 2 game includes over 50 levels and a variety of characters and balls to throw, bat, shoot and zap across puzzles and trick shots on your iPhone or Android.

Dude Perfect 2 is available for iPhone and Android and it is a free game. Dude Perfect two is in the top 10 free iPhone games and it features a 4.5 star rating on both iPhone and Android.

Dude Perfect 2 Free Money and Power Ups

You can unlock some free items in Dude Perfect 2. Go to the Mini Games section and then choose your daily reward for playing the game. This is a small, but handy reward.

Win free in game powerups and cash.

Win free in-game powerups and cash.

The first time you play the Lucky Panda game you can earn free coins, cash and power ups. The first time is free, but after that you need to pay 350 coins to play the Lucky Panda mini game.

Inn this game you need to match cards to earn in-game money, coins and power ups without turning up the Stop card that causes you to lose all of your current prizes.

Dude Perfect 2 In App Purchases

There are a lot of In App Purchases in Dude Perfect 2. On the iPhone the Dude Perfect 2 in app purchases range from $2.29 to $16.99.

Spend money on in game items with Dude Perfect 2 in app purchases.

Spend money on in-game items with Dude Perfect 2 in app purchases.

You can purchase coins or in-game cash depending on what you need to unlock the next set of levels. Once you get to the end of the first 20 levels you need at least 50 stars, or you will need to buy access to the new levels for 60 in-game currency. That’s just under $2 in real money.

If you install this for a kid, you can turn off in app purchases or control them on the iPhone with Family Sharing.

Dude Perfect Characters

In the game you can choose your favorite Dude Perfect character. The Dude Perfect team shows off the character selection in the video below.

You can choose from one free character for each of the Dude Perfect Team and unlock others with the in app coins you earn. There are also special premium Dude Perfect 2 characters with special powers that you need to use the in-game cash to buy, and that you will most likely need to spend real money on to make them happen.

Watch Dude Perfect Videos in App

You can watch Dude Perfect videos in the app and when you do this you earn coins that you can use to buy unlocks and other extras.

Watch Dude Perfect videos in the Dude Perfect 2 app to earn rewards.

Watch Dude Perfect videos in the Dude Perfect 2 app to earn rewards.

So far it looks like a rotating lineup of the latest Dude Perfect videos and you can watch them in full quality from the game without spending time to go to YouTube.

There are a lot of videos in this section and you get points for watching each one once. The videos stream, so make sure you connect to WiFi if you plan to watch a lot of the videos to avoid using all of your cell phone data.



  1. MyraTamura

    10/01/2015 at 7:33 am

    Dude Perfect 2, an identity that just about every person across the globe is familiar with, lovers of the important game have been on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the most innovative release of the Dude Perfect 2 family. In the midst of it software programs release in nations around the world like number of players have been enjoying and having fun with the game play : for resources

  2. M. Vonk

    11/29/2015 at 4:36 am

    I love Dude Perfect, but the game has some bugs. I’ve had to reinstall the game twice and now I’m stuck at level 170. I can play all the previous levels, but when I open 170 it looks like it’s loading but then I get kicked out of the app. What can I do? I have a IPhone 5s with iOS 9.1.

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