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Dungeon Hunter 5 for the iPhone & More Revealed



Lately, the Xbox One and PS4 have gotten the most attention for their gorgeous looking games and interesting new mechanics. Gameloft, makers of dozens of iPhone and Android mobile games is hoping that its upcoming Dungeon Hunter 5 for iPhone and Android will change the conversation thanks to upgraded graphics and new systems that they hope keep players coming back again and again for multiplayer.

Gameloft revealed new details about Dungeon Hunter 5 this morning in a new Developer Diary video and a new website. All told, they depict a game that’s slowly evolving into a title just as interesting and deep as any title available on a living room console.

dungeon hunter 5 (3)

Dungeon Hunter 4 players will notice immediately that the game looks different, but that’s just the beginning. Players will need to venture through 5 different realms to conquer Dungeon Hunter 5’s single player campaign. In the campaign they’ll play as a bounty hunter, holding what remains of the last game together. Users will journey through these different dungeons and attempt to fight their way out. GameLoft is hoping that new controls will help make getting through a realm by slicing anything and everything to death more exciting than it’s been in similar games. That’s key since most games of this type are derided by serious and casual fans alike for their repetitive nature.

Gameloft seems to be hoping that iPhone and Android owners pick up Dungeon Hunter 5 for its improved single player campaign and mechanics, but that doesn’t it all.. Gameloft is investing in some light multiplayer elements too. Dungeon Hunter 5 players will pay their friends to help them through the game thanks to a new co-operative play system. To foster a vibrant community, new materials and challenges will appear in the Dungeon Hunter 5 daily and weekly for an added bit of depth. In that way, Dungeon Hunter 5’s multiplayer is sort of like a Massive Online Role Playing Game.

Lastly, players will get to create their own strong holds with monsters and defenses from the rest of the game. Other players will need to visit their friend’s customized areas and breach their defense to steal currency from them and upgrade their own. Gameloft is describing these as Strongholds and promising tons of different mysterious creatures and extras to make raiding a friend’s Stronghold as enjoyable as possible.

In the Developer Diary video, Dungeon Hunter 5’s development team breaks down why they think this is this best game in the series to date. In particular, they highlight the upgraded graphics and its multiplayer elements.

All told, Dungeon Hunter 5 appears to be an ambitious title. Whether it takes off mostly depends on what users think of the hack and slash genre in general. I can say that I got some time to play the game during the Consumer Electronics Show this year and walked away impressed. No, the graphics weren’t up to the levels of the Xbox One or PS4, but the game looked gorgeous just the same. Killing enemies in the level I played did seem to have a bit of variety.

There’s still a lot we don’t yet know about Dungeon Hunter 5. Gameloft isn’t ready to say when the title will arrive in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. It’s also unclear whether the iPhone and iPad versions of the game are compatible with external controllers. Gameloft has confirmed that the iPhone and iPad versions of Dungeon Hunter 5 are using Apple’s new Metal software upgrades to drive this refreshed look.

Even still, Dungeon Hunter 5 looks like a great game for anyone looking for a more detailed, fantasy driven experience than typical mobile games.

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