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Duracell Powermat Brings iPhone 5 Wireless Charging, Backup Battery



Powermat will bring its wireless charging technology to the iPhone 5 in the next few weeks, with more options than any previous iPhone wireless chargers.

As with previous versions of the Powermat for iPhone, the iPhone 5 version gives iPhone users a way to charge their smartphone by just placing it on top of a charging pad.

The Duracell Powermat case for the iPhone 5 is thin and light, though it does extend a few centimeters below the iPhone because it has to connect to the Lightning port.

The basic case will simply lets users charge their iPhone on a charging pad, but for the iPhone 5 Duracell will also offer an external battery that connects to the iPhone 5. The Powermat external battery connects to the Powermat iPhone 5 case, and acts the same as a Mophie Juice Pack Air or other battery case. The only difference is it uses wireless charging.

Duracell Powermat iPhone 5

The external battery adds 1950 mAh to the iPhone 5, which is more than the phone itself holds. Users can charge the battery on a Powermat wireless charging pad (naturally), or they can charge it through a micro USB cable if they don’t have a wireless charging mat nearby.

Should the external battery that connects to the Powermat iPhone 5 case run out, Duracell also has a larger external battery that can charge the iPhone, or any other device. The large external battery has a full-sized USB port so users can connect any device to it, but it can also support wireless charging. Users just have to put their Powermat-equipped device on top of the brick of battery to charge their device.

The Duracell Powermat for iPhone 5 and assorted battery all come in either black or white. Each also have a hint of copper in their design to highlight the company’s Duracell partnership. The iPhone 5 case and battery should arrive in stores sometime in the next few weeks in various bundles with Powermat wireless charging pads, and the larger external battery will come sometime after that.

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1 Comment

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