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DyKnow and HP Ink a Deal



HP is quite successful in the education market, especially when it comes to Tablet PCs. DyKnow is also highly regarded for their Tablet PC enabled educational software, too. So, it is good to see the two partner together to make further inroads into the educational space:

From their press release:

DyKnow, a leader in interactive education technology, has announced that DyKnow software will be packaged and sold as part of HP’s education solution. This solution includes HP’s pen-enabled Tablet PCs, on which DyKnow’s collaborative note taking and interactive features are optimized.
“We share HP’s vision of digital classrooms in which teachers are given the tools to actively engage students in the learning process,” said Laura Small, DyKnow president. “We are excited that customers will be given access to this comprehensive hardware/software solution.”
Teachers can use DyKnow Vision software to instantly transmit content to student computers for annotation. Students’ personalized notes can be added, saved and replayed at a later date for review. DyKnow Vision’s partner software, DyKnow Monitor software, reduces electronic distraction by displaying thumbnails of student screens, blocking applications, blanking screens and monitoring in wireless environments.

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