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DyKnow Granted Patent for their Client / Server Tablet PC Application



DyKnow, a major player in the educational place, has just been granted a patent for the interactive learning client / server application. DyKnow is also attending the WIPTE conference next week, so it is a good time to stop by their area and learn more about their Tablet PC based educational software.

From their press release:

DyKnow, a leader in interactive education technology, is pleased to announce that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent for the client-server approach that enables DyKnow Vision usage in the classroom. The patent affirms DyKnow’s novel approach to supporting interactive learning in both small and large classrooms.

DyKnow Vision software fosters interaction through collaborative note taking, student response tools, content replay, and anywhere, anytime access.

Teachers can use DyKnow Vision to instantly transmit content to student computers for annotation. DyKnow Vision works with desktops, laptops, Tablet PCs, and interactive whiteboards in fixed, mobile, and distance environments. DyKnow Vision’s design allows for central server management and bandwidth optimization, allowing teachers to focus on delivering a more engaging and effective learning experience.

Using its client-server approach, teacher or student work in DyKnow Vision is offloaded to a server, then transmitted to other users in the class. As opposed to a peer-to-peer networked environment where computers can slow down dramatically when there are more than a few users, the DyKnow approach scales so that many students and teachers can utilize the software simultaneously without any decrease in performance.

“This patent validates our unique approach to making DyKnow a substantially scalable product,” said Dan Sanders, Chief Technology Officer for DyKnow. “A school can use DyKnow in a classroom of five students or a classroom of 500 students and still experience the same level performance.”

In total, 45 claims were approved in the patent, many of which relate to DyKnow’s scalable client-server approach.  This is the second patent issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office related to technologies that DyKnow software incorporates.  Additional patents are pending for other aspects of the DyKnow Vision.

For more information about the DyKnow Vision and its partner DyKnow Monitor, a program which reduces electronic distraction by displaying thumbnails of student screens, blocking applications, blanking screens, and monitoring in wireless environments, visit or call (888) 839-5669.

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