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e-detail Dual Display Tablet PC



e-detail Prezenter PSR Yes, you read that right! The new e-detail Tablet PCs have two screens! Positioned as a presentation device, this slate style Tablet PC is available as a 12.1″ or 14.1″ main display, and each has a secondary 7″ wide screen display. Both are touchscreens. The idea is that the presenter can view the entire presentation on the secondary display while the audience can view it on the larger main display. The secondary screen rotates so that the screen can be exposed or covered. In addition to the dual display units, e-detail will also be releasing a standard display called the Neo Neo. According to the e-detail representatives, these should be available for sale within the next month or so. There are more pictures on the e-detail website.

e-detail Multi-web PADThese Tablet PCs also feature some exciting features aside from their admirable tech specs – and that secondary display. The biggest is that they have an integrated kickstand, a feature that slate users have wanted for years and they have added a cover for the exposed screen. Motion Computing lovers will appreciate that feature! They also claim that there is an inner frame inside the unit to help increase shock resistance.

Download and watch the video here.  ( Right click and choose save as )



Tech Specs:

  • Prezenter PSR: 12.1″ wide TFT 1280×800 with LED backlight and touchscreen
  • Multi-Web PAD: 14.1″ wide TFT 1280×800 with LED backlight and touchscreen
  • Secondary 7″ wide TFT 800×480 LED backlight and touchscreen
  • AMD Geode LX800 processor and AMD Geode CS5536 chipset
  • 80GB hard drive
  • 1.3Mpixel camera
  • Stereo speakers
  • 3.5 hour battery life with wireless on
  • Ships with XP Home Edition SP2, but available with Tablet PC Edition


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