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I have to admit – I’ve been kind of slow to the e-magazine department. Honestly, I don’t subscribe to a lot of print magazines, either. I find tech magazines to be so dated now compared to the speed of news that we get. My favorite magazines are the non-tech kind that are more feature related.

The thing I like about e-magazines is that I always have them with me when I have some downtime – doctors appointments, airplane, hotel, etc. And with tablet pc annotating built-in to the Zinio reader, it really brings the reading process to a more natural experience. Like e-books, it is not totally there yet, but those thin e-book readers hold a lot promise, if they build in support for magazines as well. Origami devices and those like the LS800, help the user feel like they are actually holding a book, thus helping the end-user get closer to that transparent experience.

I would like to see the magazine reader and book reader combined into one standard user experience. Having to use different readers to basically do the same function ( interacting with periodicals ) makes the experience more complicated than it should be. Zinio is making some real in-roads here, with their Digital textbooks. Are regular books around the corner for them as well? The writing is definitely on the wall. A major contract with someone like Amazon would lock that up for them. I’d seriously consider publishing all the Bibles that I do into the Zinio reader format.

Do you subscribe to any e-magazines? What do you use to subscribe to your magazines? What would you like to see improved in this area? Answer our poll to the right and also post your commens to this thread.

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