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E-Week Interview with Dell – Tablet PC’s??



Great read over at eWeek Channel Insider with Alex Gruzen from Dell.  They were talking about rugged PC’s, Tablet PC’s and UMPC’c

“While speaking at the company’s Technology Day here on Sept. 12,Alex Gruzen, general manager of Dell’s Product Group, famous for standing on one of Dell’s new Latitude machines to demonstrate its chassis’ strength, said that the Round Rock, Texas, PC maker has been studying the idea of expanding its notebook lineup with a “rugged” model and a tablet PC.

The company, which could potentially offer one or both products as soon as 2007 continually looks at new mobile technology—it’s even studied the Ultramobile PC space, according to Gruzen—and recently it has seen greater potential in the two areas of the market.”

I like the ‘starts to look interesting’ comment in the interview about Tablet features being included in Vista.  I personally think that when the Tablet features are more accessible (read – able to be purchased without hardware), there will be more people wanting to experience the benefits of Ink.

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