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EA Adds Servers and Strips Features to Keep SimCity Running



After a few days of issues EA is doing its best to make SimCity work well enough that gamers can actually play it.

Today EA announced on the SimCity forums that it will add new servers over the next two days in an effort to let more players into the game. Senior Producer Kip Katsarelis said the new servers should “alleviate many of the ongoing issues” with the game. He also notes that developer Maxis pushed out several updates to the game since release.

Katsarelis also said the developer’s “live ops team” is working around the clock to read bug reports and fix them as quickly as possible.

Connection issues mean many players simply can't play SImCity at the moment.

Connection issues mean many players simply can’t play SImCity at the moment.

In addition to adding more servers to the game, Maxis will release an update that temporarily removes some features from SimCity. The update will disable “a few non-critical gameplay features” to make the game more functional. Those features include leaderboards, achievements and region filters.

EA says the stripped-away features won’t affect the game too much. Gamers will still have the ability to build their cities how they want in both single-player and multiplayer modes. The features EA will remove are just added features that some players may enjoy, but their removal shouldn’t impact the fun of the game for most players.

SimCity faced many issues since its release two days ago, but it seems EA is trying its best to fix the issue. With these changes, the game should hopefully work well by the weekend when gamers will have more time to play.

Until these changes go into effect, gamers will continue to face issues getting into the online-only game. Some will have to wait just to play the single-player game, while others may have no problem getting into the game, only to have the servers kick them out and corrupt their city. With any luck, the game will be stable enough to play soon.

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