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EA Delivers a Stunning Transformation in First Madden NFL 15 Trailer



If the game trailer for Madden NFL 15 posted to the web this morning is any indication, Xbox One and PS4 users can expect this year’s entry in the football franchise to look absolutely stunning when compared to previous titles in the series.

EA released its first trailer for Madden NFL 15 earlier today. Unlike other trailers, there’s no actual gameplay. That is to say we don’t actually see what the stadiums will look like or gameplay changes that EA has made to make this year’s title feel even more realistic than past games.

Instead, the trailer reveals what the game will look like. It starts off with Luke Kuechly of the Carolina Panthers in a locker room. In voice overs heard throughout 30 second trailer Kuchly mentions that he’s “transforming.” He then stands up and is replaced by what he’s going to look like to users who pick up Madden NFL 15, though the trailer doesn’t come right out and say that word for word. The entire thing ends with the Madden NFL 15 logo and an invitation for users to “see the transformation this June.”


And by June, EA is referring to this games Electronic Entertainment Expo, a yearly gathering of all the biggest game developers and video game console makers in California. It simply has to be. It can’t be a coincidence that EA released this trailer with E3 scheduled to start in just two days. EA has a press conference scheduled for 12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Monday June 9th.

It’s likely that we’ll get our first look at what’s new in Madden NFL 15 during that press event. To date, EA has been coy about what users can expect when the game arrives on store shelves on August 29th in the United States.

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So far we know that Electronic Arts has worked to refresh the game’s visuals as it tries to showcase in this trailer. That’s not really big news though; the company has consistently improved the graphics with each version’s release every year. We also know that Madden NFL 15 will include a very different presentation style than what’s been used in past games. Electronic Arts says users can expect new half-time shows, never before seen camera angles that it describes as “dramatic” and “dynamic” content. Presumably, dynamic is referring to different things in the visual presentation taking their cues from what’s actually happening in the game instead of generic responses.

Likely, it’s going to be the revamped defensive play that EA keeps boasting about on its website that will act as the main attraction for Madden NFL 15 buyers. Again, we don’t have many details on that on the moment but EA’s website promises more “immersive defensive gameplay control” in this title.

Really, EA doesn’t have to do an awful lot to sell copies of Madden NFL 15. Since it became the only officially licensed football game by the NFL, progress on the series has slowed down and users have become used to an updated roster with a three or four major features and changes in each version. Unlike first-person shooters sports games, there tends to be less competition between sports titles since games have to licensee player rosters and team logos from the leagues themselves. This has led to some version interesting game design decisions. For example, gamers can’t make their own custom teams in Madden. Tattoos aren’t included in the in-game versions of players either.

When Madden NFL 15 debuts this August it’ll be available on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 for $60. EA is holding another cover contest like it did with Madden NFL 25, last year’s highly anticipated version of the game. EA is teaming up with sports network ESPN to show off the cover on May 8th at 8PM Eastern Standard time. Users will also be able to watch that special presentation on the NFL Network.


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