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EA to Extend Xbox One Madden 25 with CoachGlass



When Madden 25 for Xbox One debuts later this year users won’t be in for just a revamped, more realistic, simulation on their television screen: they’ll also have more advanced second screen capabilities thanks to the Xbox One’s enhanced SmartGlass technology.

Dubbed CoachGlass, Madden 25 users will be able to load up the game’s multiplayer modes and get real-time information about the plays and tactics they should use against their opponents. In online multiplayer matches this information will include everything from their opponent’s scoring percentages in past games to the plays they should use to stop their opponent’s advance.

In an interview with Microsoft’s Xbox Wire, EA’s Brad Lippman and Seann Graddy details why CoachGlass is such a big deal for hardcore football fans with Lippman saying, “CoachGlass makes “Madden NFL 25” a more immersive football experience by providing the user with real-time authentic information. This is the same information that NFL Coaches and Coordinators use to understand their opponent and adjust their gameplan.”


Although Madden 25 is already available for Xbox 360 users, it looks like CoachGlass is exclusively for users playing Madden 25 on the Xbox One. That’s key since Madden is one of the most played sports franchises in the world. Any exclusive that helps point sports gaming fans in the Xbox One’s direction could help Microsoft in its fight against the cheaper PlayStation 4.

Electronic Arts representatives didn’t go into detail about their future plans. However, they also took to the opportunity to share some of the reason that they’re excited for the next generation of gaming hardware. According to Grady, the Madden publisher has wanted to do more complex things with their games for years, but simply didn’t have the “CPU or memory on the consoles to pull it off.”

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Madden 25 for the Xbox One will launch with the gaming console on November 22nd. A version for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and iOS is already available. The game itself will cost users $59.99, while the Xbox One is still available for pre-order for $499. As CoachGlass uses the Xbox One’s SmartGlass technology, users won’t need to purchase any separate hardware if they have an Android, iOS or Windows tablet or smartphone.

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