EA Sports UFC Arrives for EA Access Users 
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EA Sports UFC Arrives for EA Access Users 



One of the Xbox One’s exclusive benefits is getting a big boost just days before the holiday shopping season comes to a close. This morning video game developer Electronic Arts revealed that EA Sports UFC, the mixed martial arts fighting game based on the real-life league of the same name, is now available for EA Access subscribers to download as part of their subscription.

The Xbox One and EA’s website began showing EA Sports UFC as a title users could download to their console early this morning. The game itself is exactly as described; players take on the role of a mixed martial arts fighter in the UFC league. Like other sports games produced by EA, EA Sports UFC features the leagues real-life stars. That is, except for Bruce Lee, who’s just in the game to provide a bit of star power. A career mode features heavily in the game; players will want to rise through the ranks and become the league’s undisputed best fighter.


Buying EA Sports UFC on disc would cost $39.99 new or $37.99 used. That pricing is why EA adding the game to EA Access is so important.

$39 isn’t a lot of money for a game, but its just one game. Normally, a new title cost $60 for the Xbox One and PS4. Earlier this year, EA teamed up with Microsoft to introduce a new pricing model for Xbox One users. EA Access is a subscription service that trades-on EA’s back catalog. Instead of paying for an entire game at one time, EA Access subscribers pay $4.99.

That $4.99 gets EA Access subscribers access to seven different games for Microsoft’s Xbox One console. Today they are, EA Sports UFC, Battlefield 4, Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, Peggle 2, Need for Speed: Rivals and Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. Many of those titles have been replaced by newer versions this year. For example, Madden NFL 15 and FIFA 15 both launched this year. Still, each game is new enough that there are still tons of people playing them online and still completely functional. EA says it plans to continue adding more titles to EA Access going forward. Users who keep paying for EA Access can keep playing the games they download through the service. When they stop, they’ll still have their game save and can simply buy a physical or digital copy and continue exactly where they left off.

To make buying its titles easier to swallow, EA also included two more perks in the subscription service. Users purchasing digital copies of their favorite games through Microsoft’s Xbox Store get a 10 percent discount on EA games for as long as their subscription is active. So you can’t play this year’s Madden NFL 15 for free, but you can purchase the game at a lower price. That’s about how much shoppers normally save if they purchase a game a used copy of a game at a retail store like Best Buy, Wal-Mart or GameStop.

EA Access subscribers get one last perk. EA rolled the subscription service into how it distributes game demos and trials. With a subscription, Xbox One users can be among the first to try a new game. We’re not talking hours before, but days before anyone else. EA does limit the amount of time users can play this demos and trials, but once their time is up they can continue their game save with a full copy of the game in question. That’s true whether they purchase the game at a retail location or through the Xbox Store.

Xbox One users can pick up an EA Access subscription by downloading the EA Access app from the Xbox Store. At that point users can choose to pay for EA Access monthly or yearly. If you’re considering signing up definitely go for the year subscription. A year of EA Access is just $29.99.

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