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Earliest Galaxy S5 Release Date Rumored



The Samsung Galaxy S5 launch event is next Monday when we will see the new device for the first time on stage. Consumers want to know what the Samsung Galaxy S5 looks like, but they also want to know when the Galaxy S5 release date is, so they can buy the new phone.

Many shoppers are waiting on a potential Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3 purchase to see what the Samsung Galaxy S5 release will bring in terms of price and features, hoping that rumors of a lower Galaxy S5 price mean an easier upgrade on all carriers, even without a contract.

We have a pretty good idea of when the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date will land, but a new rumor from Korea suggests the earliest possible Galaxy S5 release, and it is closer than you might think.

A new rumor suggest the earliest possible Galaxy S5 release date according to a supplier.

A new rumor suggest the earliest possible Galaxy S5 release date according to a supplier.

A new report in ZDNet Korea quotes a supplier that has yet to receive orders for Galaxy S5 components as saying that late March is the earliers possible Galaxy S5 release date,

“Since Samsung is yet to place an order for parts, the company may change some of the peripheral features of the Galaxy S5 while retaining core features,”

“If they place orders at the end of this month or early next month, the handset will be commercialized around the end of next month at the earliest.”

This best case scenario could easily spill over into a Galaxy S5 release in April, which is closer to what we are hearing, at least for a Galaxy S5 U.S. release date.

It may seem suspicious that Samsung has yet to order parts, and it is possible that the company merely switched to another provider, but this sounds similar to the Galaxy S3 buildup where Samsung used a variety of methods to keep the design and features secret, going so far as to isolate team members and keep some suppliers in the dark.

Samsung Principal Engineer ByungJoon Lee explains that with the Galaxy S3, “we couldn’t send pictures or drawings. We had to explain the GALAXY S III with all sorts of words. The Procurement Department had to set a price for the GALAXY S III and purchase the materials based on our verbal explanations. It was hard for everyone I guess. Hahaha .”

It is possible that similar measures are in place and Samsung is clamping down to prevent a last minute leak of the Galaxy S5. In 2013 the Galaxy S4 leaked in photos and videos hours before the Galaxy S4 event started.

Given the secrecy and this comment from a Samsung supplier, the Galaxy S5 release date could in theory land just about when the New HTC One launch event starts in later March. This best case scenario may come true on an international level, but it would be surprising to see such an early Galaxy S5 release date in the U.S.

Gotta Be Mobile continues to hear rumblings for a late April Galaxy S5 release date, though it remains a moving target. This lines up with other Galaxy S5 release rumors including an announcement by Samsung of a new camera part for the Galaxy S5 which will not appear in a product until Q2 according to Samsung.

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1 Comment

  1. sonsofhell

    02/19/2014 at 1:58 pm

    Samsung will announce new Exynos Processor named “Infinity” on 24th MWC

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