Early Windows 10 Xbox One Update Details Revealed
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Early Windows 10 Xbox One Update Details Revealed



Microsoft still isn’t ready to start pushing its Windows 10 Xbox One Update to the millions of Xbox One entertainment consoles in homes, but it is finally telling users how they can get in on the update early. How early users get the update depends heavily on how much feedback they’ve provided to Microsoft in the past.

This morning Microsoft took to its Xbox Wire blog to reveal the early Windows 10 Xbox One Update details. Microsoft itself calls the new software it plan son pushing to all Xbox On consoles this November, the New Xbox One Experience. The software is built on its new Windows 10 operating system, and includes a new interface that Microsoft says solves real complains Xbox One buyers head. For example, starting a party with other gamers no longer requires that users dive into the Xbox One’s Friends app. Hiding from other people online is as simple as asking the console’s built-in Cortana personal assistant to set a profile to appear offline.

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Microsoft says that as November gets closer it’s finally preparing to make the Windows 10 Xbox One Update available to members of the Xbox Preview Program. That much makes sense, the Xbox One Preview Program exists to get Microsoft feedback and reports from users about feature it adds to the console. The kicker is that Microsoft is taking a more nuanced approach to giving users the Windows 10 Xbox One Update.

Everyone won’t get the Windows 10 Xbox One Update at the same time if they’re a member of the Xbox Preview Program. Microsoft says that it’s rolling out the updates in blocks of users, starting with the people who are more active feedback providers. “Our goal is to starter with a group, get feedback, then roll out to larger groups,” today’s blog post from Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra says. Microsoft is also forcing users into opting-into the Windows 10 Xbox One Update.

Microsoft will begin sending out invitations to Xbox Preview Program members to try this new update soon. From that invitation users will need to go into the Xbox Preview Dashboard on their console and accept registration for the New Xbox One Experience Preview. Users who choose not to download the new software will still belong to the Xbox Preview Program, they just won’t get the update yet. Microsoft will release new versions of the software with bug fixes and enhancements to participants overtime.

All told, the process isn’t all that different from Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program. Participants in that program get access to new features and fixes for Windows 10 long before they are available for regular users. The motives are the same too, Microsoft wants to address concerns and find issues before it the software makes it out to a wider audience.

Microsoft still plans to roll out Windows 10 Xbox One sometime this November. Today’s blog post doesn’t elaborate too much on the update. Besides Cortana, a refreshed OneGuide will give users access to games as well as video and television trending on Xbox Live. Microsoft plans to reorganize the Xbox Store into categories that match its Windows Store: Games, Movies & TV, Apps and Music. Microsoft doesn’t say if or when it’ll make the Xbox One directly compatible with apps downloaded from the Xbox Store. Xbox Preview Program participants can already play some Xbox 360 titles on their Xbox One console. That’s another feature coming to all users this November.

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Unfortunately, users who aren’t members of the Xbox Preview Program could likely find themselves shout out for now. Last month Microsoft announced that it was slowing the amount of people it let into the Xbox One Preview Program.

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