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Easy2Add – Quickly Add Outlook Appointments



image Looking for a quick and easy way to get an appointment into Outlook while on the go, in slate mode or add something quickly while on a phone call? Give Easy2Add a go.  Lifehacker put this post up today so I decided to give it a go because this looks like something that would fit the way I work really well.  This FREE application allows the user to quickly add Outlook appointments by just writing things like "Matt’s birthday lunch is June 10th at 12pm" (keep that in mind to as it’s true :O ) Easy2Add will create an appointment at 12pm on June 10th – just like that!!  I installed this free application a little while ago and really like it.  The entry blank is TIP friendly from the taskbar – and that makes it even better!  If you are running Vista there is also a Sidebar gadget that you can install that makes it easy to add quick appointments as well.  Give it a go and see what you think, I’ve been happy so far and has done a decent job in getting appointments right.

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