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Ebay Exact Makes It Easy To Buy Custom 3D Printed iPhone Cases



A new iPhone app from Ebay makes it easy for users to buy 3D printed iPhone case and trinkets without buying an expensive 3D printer.

The new Ebay Exact iPhone app lets users buy 3D printed items from various sellers easily, items they’d have to spend hundreds of dollars on a 3D printer to make themselves. The app comes from partnerships with Sculpteo, MakerBot and Hot Pop Factory which provide iPhone cases, jewelry, figurines and other things users can buy from the app.

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Ebay Exact

Because Ebay’s partners print each item ordered through the app on demand users have several options to customize their items through the app. For example, users can design the back of a 3D printed iPhone case using sliders to adjust the height and width of curves on the top and bottom of the phone. Users can also design the pattern that will come on the back of their iPhone case or have words cut out of the back.

After designing their iPhone case the app will show users a 3D model of the case so they can see exactly what it will look like before they decide to print it.

Currently Ebay Exact only offers two iPhone cases, both from Sculpteo. The cases cost $25 and $30 each, which is about average for some iPhone cases. The big difference is users can customize the cases as they see fit, which they can’t do with other cases.

Other items for sale in the app include 3D printed rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Other unique items include an MP3 player shaped like a cassette tape and a watch from MakerBot and a customizable figurine from Hot Pop Factory.

Hot Pop Factory lets users put their own face on the figurines. Users just supply a photo of their face and a photo of their profile and Hot Pop will put their head on a figurine using one of a range of preset models. The figurine is somewhat expensive at $150, but it’s still much cheaper than doing it yourself.

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