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Eclipsing the News



applelogo.jpgThere’s nothing like the combination of a short holiday week here in the US and an Apple event scheduled that same week to slow down the flow of news. Apple kicks off its big Rock and Roll event tomorrow, and many companies are steering clear of whatever Apple may or may not announce. No company in its right mind wants to try and compete. Well, that’s not completely true. Some try.

Apple continues to dominate and suck the oxygen out of news cycles, so much so that the inevitable run up to its events become almost tiresome. It’s almost as if that bite out of the logo becomes a Pac Man-like mouth that just chews up everyone else and spits them out. Rumors come and go and then whatever gets announced gets dissected, digested, and disgorged over and over again.

One thing is for sure, that within a few days of tomorrow’s event being over (if not a few hours), we’ll start hearing Tablet rumors again.

I don’t have any solid predictions about tomorrow’s event. Apple typically hypes and monkeys around with its iPod line up this time of the year to get a boost on holiday sales and I’m sure that pattern will continue tomorrow. Intriguingly though, it looks like Apple will actually have some competition this holiday season based on what folks are saying about the Zune HD and other media players/Tablets/MIDs. I doubt we see a Tablet announcement tomorrow, but then anything could happen. Quite a few folks say that Apple and the Beatles will finally come together, now that there will be quite a few other alternatives for the various Beatle estates and EMI to make some money including the Rock Band version and the remastered albums that go   on sale tomorrow. I don’t have any strong feelings one way or the other on that one.

Anybody else got any predictions?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sumocat

    09/08/2009 at 7:26 pm

    Standing by my previous predictions: touch to get storage bump with no price bump, and classic is destined to be replaced by a 128GB touch, though probably not this year, which means no upgrade for it. Seems pretty likely both the touch and nano will get cameras, with mic and GPS added to the touch. If the touch does get a camera and mic for photos and video recording, it’s going to be rough on the competition.

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