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Ed Bott: A Faster Way to Safe Mode in Windows



I always say it is a good day when you learn something new and this is a handy tip. Sooner or later we all have to reboot our Windows machines into Safe Mode to try and correct a problem. When that occurs, I alway find myself having to remember what Function Key to press and when in the boot up process. As Ed Bott states, timing is everything here. But Ed also points our another quicker way to get to Safe Mode if you’re up and running and need to reboot to sort things out.

In Windows Vista or Server 2008, click Start and type  msconfig  in the Search box, then click the shortcut that appears at the top of the Start menu. Click the Boot tab and select the check box next to Safe Boot

He also shows how to do this in XP or Server 2003. Check out Ed’s post for the details.

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