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How to Edit Photos in iOS 7



Both the iPhone and iPad are turning into excellent point-and-shoot camera killers, and Apple has kept improving the camera modules in its iOS devices with every new model, but what do you do with those photos that you took on your iPhone or iPad? You’ll probably transfer them to your computer in order to edit them in your photo editor of choice, but what you may not know is that the Photos app in iOS 7 can do some basic photo editing.

Furthermore, Apple just made its iPhoto iOS app completely free, and it provides you even more options for editing your photos right from your mobile device, that way the path from taking the photo to sharing it with friends and family is as frictionless as possible. We’ll show you how you can edit photos directly on your iPhone or iPad.

Editing a photo in the regular Photos app in iOS 7

Editing a photo in the regular Photos app in iOS 7

Editing Photos in iOS 7

If you’re not happy with how a photo turned out, you can either take another, or edit the one you already took. To make an edit on a photo, open up the Photos app and tap on the photo that you want to edit, if you haven’t already done so. Next, tap Edit in the upper-right corner to make changes to the photo. The Photos app can do basic edits, such as rotating a photo, enabling “auto-enhance”, adding filters, getting rid of red eye, and cropping. If you’re curious what auto-enhance is, it simply adjusts exposure and color of a photo to make it look better — it’s pretty simple and just requires one tap.

As for editing photos in iPhoto, it’s basically just the Photos app on steroids. It can do the basics, like cropping, adjusting exposure, and adding filters, but it takes things to a whole new level. There’s a feature called Brushes that allows you to perform edits in specific areas of photos by “brushing” your finger over a certain part. You can also add filters to photos, but the number of filters is multiplied by 10. You can put on a black and white filter, but you can also adjust how much contrast that the filter applies when doing so.

Editing the same photo in the iPhoto app on iOS 7

Editing the same photo in the iPhoto app on iOS 7

Overall, you get a lot more control with iPhoto, and if you’re ever lost when using the app, you can tap on the question mark to bring up speech bubbles that tell you what everything does. We highly suggest downloading and installing iPhoto onto your iPhone or iPad if you want to edit photos right on your mobile device. After you’re done editing a photo in iPhoto, you can tap on the Share button (a box with an arrow pointing up) and share it on Facebook and Twitter, or through email or iMessage.

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