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Eerily Accurate Facebook Tool Knows All About You



Do you ever wonder what your Facebook profile says about you to people who look at your activity including likes and interactions. A new study finds that your digital footprint of likes and activity on Facebook can people a lot about your personality, intelligence and more — including how happy you are with life.

Coming out of the study is an eerily accurate Facebook tool that analyzes your profile for free and tells you all about yourself.

You can try this free Facebook tool to see all of this information about yourself, that a data mining company might be able to figure out.

A creepy new Facebook tool knows who you are based on likes and other data.

A creepy new Facebook tool knows who you are based on likes and other data.

The data comes from a study at Stanford, but you don’t need to read a scientific paper to figure this out, you just need to let the tool access your Facebook page.

Even if you don’t use this tool, researchers and businesses can use it to analyze potential customers, so it’s worth checking out on your own.

Here’s what the Facebook analyzer can tell based on your likes and other activity;

  • Age
  • Psychological Gender
  • Personality Traits
  • Intelligence
  • Life Satisfaction
  • Sexual Preference
  • Political Orientation
  • Religious Orientation
  • Education
  • Relationship Status

You can use the tool at Apply Magic Sauce to see what your Facebook profile tells others and businesses about you.

Michal Kosinski, assistant professor in organizational behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business tells the Stanford News, “it’s quite surprising to me still, three years since I first discovered it – is that our most intimate traits can be very easily predicted from a digital footprint, and a very general one as well, such as Facebook “likes.””

According to Kosinski the data on Facebook is pretty accurate including the ability to tell if your parents are divorced and to identify smoking, drinking, taking drugs and more. The research found that by combining this with other data a, “computer can get a very good idea of who you are.”

The computer can piece together information in ways that humans cannot, and discern information even as people curate a specific image on social media.

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